How to create a training programme that will help you perform better outside the gym

1.  Failing to plan is planning to fail

I’m always harping on about planning.  But it really is a game changer, especially if it’s well thought through and strategic.  

Developing a training programme that is thoughtful and considered will help you achieve better results, help you smash PBs, and if you’re clever, ensure you excel in your games outside the gym (whether that be on the court, pitch or open road).

2.  Don’t ignore your legs

If you’re feeling the post workout aches in your legs from all those barbell walking lunges, then good news!  Performing them will be helping to increase your strength and ensuring you sprint faster.  Always choose free weights instead of machines as synergistic muscles are involved to stabilise.

Here is a clip of me performing lunges using a barbell in the front squat position.  This is a seriously powerful exercise that builds explosive power.  A game changer for sportsmen and women.

3    Don’t ignore your glutes either

The gluteus maximus muscles are without doubt the most important muscles in sport. Squats and deadlifts build the glutes the most but body weight exercises will help too by keeping you balanced, helping you develop your stability and ensuring you build your muscular endurance.  

Check out these body weight exercises which you can do at home or in the park or in the gyms where you train.  Ignore your glutes at your peril!

3. Learn to be explosive

A weighted vest is a piece of fitness gear thats great for building strength, burning calories and building muscle.  But essentially, it will help you to develop more strength, power and acceleration during running and also during speed, power and agility drills.  You’ll be developing strength in your muscles and at the same time increasing your aerobic capacity as your body adapts to the us of the additional oxygen it needs. 

Head to the park, crouch and explode into a sprint for 8 seconds.  Rest for 1 minute.  Repeat 4 times.  You'll develop your muscles for greater acceleration.

5.  Develop your 'Balance, Stability and Co-ordination'

Peak power and agility cannot be optimised unless you have developed a decent level of balance and stability.  I recommend dedicating at least one hourly session a week to stability exercises.  Variety is key.

Check out these body weight exercises which develop your balance.   Again, you can do these at home or in the park or in the gyms where you train.  


A final thought

Whilst you should look to mimic movements in the gym that relate to your chosen sport (like ball slams and side throws for tennis) you’re not necessarily going to see the benefits as much as when you focus on the more fundamental areas of fitness, such as strength, flexibility, agility, aerobic capacity and endurance.  If you’re looking to improve your golf swing, then take some golf lessons from a qualified golf coach and then practice, practice, practice.  Swinging a weighted object in place of a golf club will not develop your swing.  In fact, it could cause you a disadvantage, by creating new muscle memory mechanics that will distort your regular swing.