On 2nd September (42 days and counting) Chris will be competing in a 22 mile adventure race, starting at sea level and climbing 5055ft all the way up to the summit of Mount Snowdon, then back down again.  Here's why, how and what he's doing to ensure he completes it in a respectable time.

What's inspired you to take part?

I felt a plateau in my general training.  I was uninspired.  So I read up on some decent fitness challenges and this one caught my interest.  I like to have something big to train towards, it makes me work harder and keeps my focused.

What are you expecting?

I'm used to running marathon's, and expect this to feel similar in terms of the mental challenge tackling a long race.  But I expect Man Vs Mountain will test my fitness in ways i've not experienced before.  There will be a huge amount of variety; fluctuations in pace, climb, terrain and running styles.  I'll be running, crawling, scrambling and even swimming at one point.  I've read that there is a vertical kilometre to tackle before the finish line.  

Whats does your training plan involve?

I'm keeping things simple and following a similar marathon plan to what i've used previously. But I'll be doing most of my training off road, which is new to me.  I'll be doing more fartlek training and all of my runs will include hill sprints and climbs.  
To compliment the running i'll be continuing my weight training, which can only help me to build the solid muscular foundation I'll need.  Plus i'll be doing some heavy crossfit style workouts to test and push my cardiovascular system to the max.

Are you changing anything in your diet?

Yes, i'm eating a lot more.  I'm adding approximately 750 additional calories into my diet a day - adding up to nearly 4000. My splits of Fats, Protein and Carbs are all divided evenly.

How serious are you taking it?

I'm taking it as seriously as I did my first marathon - which is very!  It's been a while since I felt this way about my training, and i love it.  Taking it seriously is part of what i love about it - it's a great thing to focus on. I'm turn 40 in early January, I want to be in the shape of my life, which is great additional incentive to work harder.

What kit are you taking with you?

I need to get myself some new running shoes.  I'm about to start investigating whats out there for off-road trail running, so that should be cool.  I know Inov-8 do some decent fell running type shoes, so i'll probably start there.  I'll also need some waterproofs, gloves, headwear.  I think the organisers insist everyone has a mandatory kit they have to carry - so i'll need to check that out.

What time are you expecting?

The average time is 5 hours 50mins - so my aim is to beat that.
20 miles. 1 mountain. Brutal but beautiful. Enter now 5th September 2015.