Wake Up London!

Phil and Chris talk about their collaboration with John Lewis and why it's such a great class to wake up to.

What actually is ‘Wake Up London’?

PW - Wake Up London is a boxing circuit class.  

How did it come about?

PW - John Lewis were looking to do something a bit different on their roof this year - and fitness was an interesting option for them.

CT - They asked us to design a class that specifically cater's for London professionals working in and around central London.  They were particularly interested in how fitness can help people start their day in the best possible way.

Describe the class

PW - The class is structured around ‘Tabata’, a style of high intensity interval training. Using a combination of boxing, knee/leg kicks and fast paced strength exercises participants work hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10, before going on to the next exercise.

CT - It's pretty hardcore, but the best thing about it is that you can manage the intensity.  Go as hard or as soft as you like.  As long as you work for the designated time and do the exercise with the correct form you'll reap the benefits.

PW - The class is divided into two, a boxing section and a strength section.  We've included kettlebells, dumbells and a rope as part of the strength section of the class - so there is lots of variety. People seem to love it.

CT - It's actually evolving now we're 6 weeks in.  Phil's been throwing in some competitive team work at the start which people seem to really react positively to.  It's great.

What are the main benefits?

PW - This is classic HIIT training - high intensity interval training.  Which is proven to trigger fat burning for up to 24 hours after training.  So your metabolism will get a decent kick and remain high for hours after the session.

CT - We've also ensured that by including a decent mix of exercises that participants get a full body workout.  Which means all the main muscle groups are targeted.  So by attending your building all over body strength - and who doesn't want that?

PW - And the boxing element contributes to that too. You’ll be working your lower back, your abs, arms, shoulders, legs AND (and here's the interesting bit) your BRAIN. Boxing helps you concentrate better by encouraging you to focus on the moment, without any distraction. Punching a bag or sparring requires focused movements, challenging not only your muscles but more importantly your mind. 

CT - You’ll be forced to focus on the task in hand, without the distraction of your iPhone, email and twitter feed demanding your attention.

Wake Up London runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Kicking off at 7.30am and ending at 8.15am and running until the end of September.