Single Leg Burpee & Lateral Jump

Love them or hate them, no one can deny just how effective burpee's are. By targetting all the major muscle groups and helping to get the heart rate up this is a seriously dynamic exercise and one that and be easily customised to add some variety.

In this case throwing in a lateral jump and reistricing the movement to a single leg helps to work balance, agility and leg strength.


1.  From a standing position lower yourself down into a squat with one leg lifted off the floor.

2.  With both hands on the floor and the same leg lifted off the floor, hop back into a press up position with chest to floor.

3.  Return to the squat position by hopping back, keeping the same leg lifted off the floor.

4. Jump laterally to the side landing on the foot you've been using.

5. Repeat the exercise but with the opposite leg.